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No one translation is the same

Every translation is different. That’s why at alma we offer a full range of translation solutions, so you can be sure you can get the right solution for your needs.

We work exclusively with trained translators in over 100 languages who only translate into their mother tongue and who specialise in specific fields.

We believe consistency of team is fundamental to the best work, so we only work with one fixed team per client – meaning all your translations will be made by translators familiar with your house style and vocabulary.

Your text can be sent to us by e-mail, through our customer portal (our servers are all in Switzerland) or via FTP and in any format. So, if you send us an InDesign file, you will receive the translation back in InDesign.

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A full range of

Translation solutions

Our specialists adapt your creative texts with creativity, sensitivity, and nuance so that the power and meaning of your words is understood by your target audience and the target culture.

Our translators will make your product sing with effective, impactful copy in any target language.

Translating for advertising requires more than accuracy. The brand and its personality has to be captured and conveyed too. Our translators make sure your copy works as it should in your target language.

We translate legal texts with the utmost accuracy, discretion and care.

We provide translations of your documents with notarial certification and apostille for each authority.

Complex medical translations don’t faze us. We translate medical jargon from packaging copy, operating instructions to highly technical medical reports with clarity and simplicity

We have the specialist terminology and language for any financial communications from balance sheets to annual financial statements.

We translate highly technical documentation in almost all fields of industry and technology.

We turn annual reports and other corporate publications highly readable and accessible for any international business audience.

We adapt our translations to your corporate language guidelines so that your brand and tone is always consistently communicated.

We make Google ads and web text specifically localised to the local language, always ensuring you’ll be found and heard.

We support our NGO and NPO clients in fulfilling their mission with special discounts.

When translating speeches, we don’t just translate meaning. We take into account the rhythm, cadence and tone of your speech so your words remain authentic to your voice.

We write or edit text for newsletters or customer magazines

We underline your product or brand’s USP with a snappy slogan and simple, clear language.

We’ll source the right content and make it connect with your target audience.

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