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As a full-service provider, alma offers many other services related to language management. Our mission is to find the right solution for you.

Plain Language

Enable communication

Give a wider audience access to complex texts through Plain Language. Grammar, sentence structure and presentation are simplified. Basic words, short sentences and supporting images make your communication more effective.

An extensive range of

Further services

If you need an extra pair of eyes on some text, we’ll provide the finishing touches, correcting, editing and revising the grammar, style, structure and tonality in native and foreign languages, to make your text the very best it can be.

Our DTP experts can create your document layout in a range of file formats and global languages — including non-Latin based languages.

Have your recording professionally transcribed with Alma — in a range of audio and video files — accurately and speedily.

You don’t have time to attend a language course on site? Then we come to your office or workplace! The lessons are specifically tailored to the needs and wishes of your participants.

We subtitle and translate spoken content in your film or video, making your content more accessible to a wider range of audiences, including foreign language audiences and the hearing-impaired.

With a full range of voice types, from booming to sultry, and for any type of tonality or topic, our voice actors bring life to your corporate films, ads, podcasts and more — in all languages.

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