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There’s no replacement for being truly understood. alma’s professional interpreting services are designed for a range of events, congresses, contract negotiations and corporate events, as well as interventions before courts and authorities. Our qualified interpreters are experts in their language and areas of expertise and are always available at short notice.

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Our interpreters translate in sync with the speaker. The translation can be transmitted to a smart device or headset so that your audience can hear the language they want to hear in real time.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter translates during regular short pauses by the speaker. This form of interpreting is best for negotiations, short events or presentations.

Discreet interpretation that takes place in regular short segments, we use liaison interpreting in negotiation between individuals.

alma proudly offers access to accredited interpreters for judicial and governmental interpreting. We work directly with businesses and individuals, providing specialized assistance for legal writing, hearings, court appearances and beyond.

Interpreting for medical examinations requires the utmost discretion and competence. alma’s professional interpreters clarify complex medical information in clinical settings, ensuring that critical nuances remain intact in communications between doctors, nurses, medical staff, and patients.

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